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Love Life (and pizza!)

Inspired by the Italian street foods and wood-fired pizza found in Naples, Brick + Wood offers old school comfort food wrapped in a contemporary vibe. The from-scratch menu begins with a real Mozzarella Bar where hand-pulled mozzarella is prepared throughout the day. This wonderfully fresh and milky cheese is presented in a variety of flavorful incarnations, including house-smoked and the always popular creamy burrata.  Imported dried and cured meats such as capocollo, mortadella, prosciutto and salami are thinly sliced to order. The Italian street food menu, traditional finger foods that  one might see people eating out of a paper cone while strolling the streets and piazzas of Italy,  include; seasonal arancini; potato crocchette; filled panzerroti; and savory and sweet zepole.

Brick + Wood’s “perfect pizza” is a labor of love and is certified by the Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN), an association formed in Naples by pizza makers to preserve the authentic Neapolitan pizza values. Supported by the Italian government, this rigorous certification process is required by any restaurant in Italy wishing to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza. Brick + Wood’s pizzaiolos are all certified by this prestigious association. Brick + Wood pizza starts with fresh dough, handmade on the premises and leavened for 24-48 hours. The dough is hand toss, never rolled, to give it that thin delicate center.  Using Italian imported San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, and house made fior di latte mozzarella; the pizza is then cooked in a 900 degree wood-fired oven for about 90 seconds, which marks the pizza with flame blackened blisters along the crust and bottom, while maintaining its soft and chewy texture. Brick + Wood also offers an amazing home-made, GMO-FREE gluten free dough that's made fresh daily.


The Wine

We live life "on tap" - at the ready, anticipating and moving forward. Brick + Wood's life philosophy is also our wine philosophy. With 30 wines on tap, our progressive wine bar and Neapolitan style eatery introduces diners to the newest way to enjoy quality wine that maintains its integrity. Gone are the open bottles left to turn while sitting on the shelf or to be lost in the back of the fridge.

Brick + Wood has researched, sipped and sourced the best wines from around the world from winemakers who want their varietals to continuously shine from start to finish. These wines are stored in stainless steel kegs and maintained at optimal temperature – reds at 62 degrees and whites at 42 degrees. In a properly sealed keg where the wine is not exposed to oxygen, even when tapped repeatedly, the last ounce of wine tastes as fresh as the first.



Join us in celebrating the life of Paolo Cavalli, the life force who throughout it all encouraged us to Love Life....and Pizza.

A son, brother, husband and father, Paolo opened his heart to his extended restaurant family who will forever be grateful to this amazing human being, friend and leader who taught us what it means to enjoy what we do and do it well.

Paolo's passion and commitment has made an indelible mark on the restaurant community - and our lives, and for that we are grateful.

"Love Life...and Pizza!"
Paolo Cavalli